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Credit scores are mostly based on debt you have taken, which doesn’t seem fair.

Upscore lets you create, control and enrich your financial profile for free. You own it, and you can take it wherever you go.

Boost your financial profile to get better offers for loans, mortgages, car finance and more. Start now with Upscore. 

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Lenders, landlords and other important service providers want to check your financial profile. With Upscore, you can enrich it and have full control over who sees it. This way you can create an asset and maximise your financial opportunities.


Until now, your credit history is only valid for the country that you live in. If you move abroad, you’ll need to start it all from scratch. With Upscore, take your data wherever you go, and make it work for you.

Better Data.
Better Deals.

Currently, your financial profile is mostly limited by credit you have taken and repaid.

If you live on a debit card, never took a loan, have retired, are self-employed or are just getting started, then you have a low and unrepresentative score.

With Upscore add important information like on-time rental payments, a lucrative side hustle or other inputs valued by service providers.




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How Upscore Works

By cutting out the middleman, we empower you to control and enrich your data, 
so that you can match with a wider variety of specialised providers.

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True price discovery through market forces

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Reach a global audience by enriching user profiles.


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