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Upscore’s Finance Passport: Effortlessly obtain your visa, transfer your financial credit history, and access loans and mortgages for a seamless Spanish adventure.


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Why Spain?

Spain’s allure for remote workers lies in its perfect blend of cultural richness, modern infrastructure, and a supportive environment for remote work. With the introduction of the Digital Nomad Visa, Spain is now more accessible than ever.

Some of the benefits:

Low taxes

Maximize your earnings with Spain’s favorable tax benefits. Enjoy lower tax rates, allowing you to invest more in your travels and work.

Easy immigration

Visa process with ease. The digital nomad visa offers a straightforward path to legally live and work in this vibrant country.

Affordable living costs

From rent to dining out, experience high quality of life without the high expenses.

Great lifestyle

Spain’s lifestyle is unbeatable, from siestas to fiestas. Balance work and play in a country famous for its warm climate and rich culture.


Upscore’s Finance Passport (TM) helps you land like a local with several benefits:

Immigration Services

Visa assessment and processing according to your needs

Rent Guarantee

Avoid hefty rental deposits

Loans & Mortgages

Access to loans and mortgages as if you were a Spanish resident

Company incorporation & bank account

Assistance on opening a company in Spain

“Finding Upscore was a game-changer for my move to Spain. The ease of setting up a bank account, securing a local number, and navigating the visa process was unparalleled. The extra perks added also great value. Highly recommend!”

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